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Visual story teller originally from Ukraine now based in Canada, Edmonton. Portrait photography for me is a captivating form of art that focuses on capturing the essence and personality of an individual or a group. I love composing and framing the subject to create a visually stunning image that highlights their unique features and expressions. Always looking for new projects to work on from formal studio. portraits to candid outdoor shots.

Igor Subora


Imelda Subora


Photography gives different feeling each time I am out for a shoot and it keeps me going because it excites me. I have been doing photography since college and have been covering precious life events such as engagement, weddings, baptisms, birthdays, graduation, anniversaries and more. I see each special occasion differently and take my client's preferences as important as the other. My photography style is fun and spontaneous. You will feel at ease each time you see me pointing camera on you and expect an unexpected shot from me. Don't be shy to ask question, we don't bite, we shoot.

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